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About us

WORDSMITH GLOBAL LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS specializes in providing superior translations including complex linguistic services like regular, express, technical translations, etc. We also deliver continuous editing, proofreading and localization services to a broad array of industries. We pay our utmost attention on service, excellence and innovation. Our fundamental aim is to think out of the box to make you and your marketing ventures successful.

We keep ourselves updated with new technical developments in the field of linguistics so that we can guarantee you the use of correct specialist phrasing. Our immense dedication empowers us to produce the best from within us and make a profound impact on the language world.

  • Multilingual Services

    We help bridge the communication gap in global communications. Our team of subject qualified Professional Translators and Interpreters have the subject related knowledge that brings you bigger language solutions.

  • Content Writing Services

    Good content is the arch matter. With the Internet as universal comrade, it is cardinal to shape and reshape your blog and website content in a way so as to shoulder the message to the reader smack dably..

  • Multicultural Marketing

    In marketing resources, we virtually reign over the wide extensions of innovative consultation and multicultural marketing; thus, aiding you the best in maximizing the effectiveness of your worldwide marketing campaigns.

  • Desktop Publishing

    We provide a unique array of finalized print-ready documents and screen-ready digital materials so that you do not have to perform any additional work upon delivery. We also offer a high industry standard and internally developed tools.

Translation services

Our Strength

  • Supporting more than 80 Languages

    We translate in more than 80 languages conveying the true meaning of text from source language into target language in all its subtleties.

  • Extremely Accurate

    We only use native translators to ensure accuracy. All the translators working with us undergo a firm screening process in order to keep our service quality high.

  • Fast turnaround

    We also have speed along with accuracy. We translate about 250 words in an hour and also hold a goodwill in the market for our timely services.

Top Languages


  • Translation

    Translation is an essential prerequisite in all the professional aspects. We provide quality-rich translation services through highly qualified, expert and professional translators.

  • Website Content Writing

    Website content writing include documents, data, description of applications, services, web pages, and more. A good website content is the reason people come to your web page.

  • Transcreation

    Transcreation is customization of content into another language. Your demands for efficiency and accuracy for your creative marketing content can be met competently with Transcreation.

  • Linguistic Validation

    We provide Linguistic Validation Service for all types of Clinical Assessments. We take care that the translated document conveys the exact meaning as is stated in the source document.

  • Quality Management

    Our Quality Management Service focusses on the quality and accuracy of translations and website content. Our sole objective is to deliver the best to our clients.

  • Social Media Management

    Social Media Management is a process of adequately following, conversing, regulating and managing the social media venues and conversations.


  • Business Translation
  • $0.09Per Word
  • 100% human translation
  • Translated by translators only
  • Top-notch quality
  • Quality controlled
  • More than 100 languages supported
  • All leading file formats supported
  • Translation memory compatible
  • Upto 30% saving on repeat orders
  • Enterprise account available
  • Start business translation
  • Certified Translation
  • $30.00Per Page
  • 100% human translation
  • Translated by translators only
  • 100% acceptance guarantee or money back
  • Quality controlled
  • More than 60 languages supported
  • Accepted by most government agencies around the world
  • Swift turn around
  • Free proofreading changes
  • Multiple postage options available
  • Start certified translation

File extensions we support

MS Word






Adobe InDesign






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On time Guarantee

We know the preciousness of time and therefore, our turnaround time is quick. We provide finest linguistic services on time. We are glad to render the following services in the most European Languages: translation, interpretation, legalization, desktop publishing, localization, linguistic validation and printing on time according to the business requirements, schedules and deadlines of our clients. If there is any urgent situation, then we also make your project our prime preference and hand it over to our most experienced and efficient translators so they can deliver it in less time with no compromise in quality.


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